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A Silent Year

Hello friends. It has been a long time. I spent far too long trying to find a decent header image to encapsulate this year and a half or so that I have been quiet. In the end I just choose something pretty. I took this photo of a shed back in Autumn of last year. I’m no photographer, but it’s hauntingly beautiful and I love it. A fitting enough image for the silent passage of time.

In late 2021 I had a baby. My first child! A beautiful, bright, and healthy baby boy. I won’t be posting any photos of him though. I don’t believe in giving my child a digital identity to inherit, if that makes sense. No judgment against anyone who does – which is basically everyone! I just want him to be free of all *this* for as long as he can. I want him to be able to say, “Hello world!” on his own terms. I’ll just say that God hears our prayers. He is every single thing I prayed he would be and I’m humbly and eternally grateful.

I never intended to disappear the way I did, but life has been very real and raw and hectic for quite some time. We moved during the crazy Covid market. Our house ended up needing way, way more work than we were aware of or intended. We only managed to move in one week before the baby’s due date. After delivery, my early days home with our newborn were spent unpacking in any spare moments. And have you ever had a newborn?! There are NO spare moments. A year and a half or so later and we still aren’t 100% moved in. I feel like I’m just now catching a breather or possibly just learning to live with more chaos. I’ve accepted that the house will never be 100% clean. I’ll never be caught up on everything. There will always, always, always be things to do. If I want to do something for myself I have to truly steal the time. So here I am. Toys are all over the house and dishes spread over the kitchen counters, but baby is napping and the sun is shining and I want to write.

Future Plans

I’m still me! I still love my hobbies. I intend to keep crafting, thrifting, and writing, it will just be at a slower pace for a time. My life demands a lot of me right now, but it’s a sweet season of sacrifice. I need to keep making this new house a home and “babies don’t keep”… I’ve gotta soak up all this sweet time while I can. I know it’s probably inevitable, but I don’t want to look back on this time years from now and wish I had spent more time with my boy while he was small. Of course, “you can’t pour from an empty cup” – you have to balance being a mom with self care too.

I have some catching up to do on projects and thrifting I’ve done over the year so I’ll start there. I would also like to show some of my past thrifts from pre-blog days too. I would like to think I can get one craft project completed per month and blogged. It’s a goal anyway. Thrifting is easier to blog about, but my studio area in this house doesn’t have many places for me to put knick-knacks up high out of curious reach and also not much wall space! So I’m certainly feeling very minimal about what I bring home these days.

Anyway, that’s a bit of rambling all to say: I’m still here and will do and post as much as I can, but responsibilities and baby come first.

Some “Housekeeping” Notes

I have changed the look of the blog a bit. This particular theme I’m using did not have the functionality to alter the mobile only version of the site and while I loved the way I had it for desktop I realize that so many people are viewing it on mobile and the previous layout made it look like I never had new content on mobile.

I have came back to THOUSANDS of spam comments, so I will just have to delete all the pending ones across the board for my sanity’s sake. I’m sorry if you posted something and I missed it as a result. I will be installing some anti-spam thingy.

I can’t tell you how long it has taken me to write this very basic update, but baby is waking up and I’ve got to run. I’ll be seeing you soon.


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