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Hi there!

Welcome to Curi-Oh! My name is Deidre and I am excited to begin my journey into the blogosphere with you.

I created Curi-Oh! to share the things I find interesting in the world. Mostly that means quirky thrift store finds and fun DiY projects. I love to write, and a blog seemed the perfect way to combine all these cherished hobbies in my life.

I do a lot of secondhand shopping: estate sales, thrift shops, flea markets – you name it! There is always something fantastically unique to discover on these modern-day treasure hunts. I will share my favorite finds here with you.

I am also a crafter, always in search of a new project to try. Sometimes that overlaps with thrifting to turn secondhand finds into one-of-a-kind upcycle or repurpose projects. I will share my best DiYs here so you can learn to do them too if you like.

Hopefully you kindred spirits find something on Curi-Oh! to amuse you. Enough about “intentions” though, let’s get started!

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