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Before & After: Peachy Keen & Vintage Green Sewing Table

Alternate title: Proof that I can follow through on a painting project, yaaaaayyy…

I bought a vintage sewing table at the Salvation Army a few years ago for $15 which had obviously been stored in a barn or something. There were tiny pin-holes in the legs from bugs and it was caked with cobwebs, dirt dobber nests, and even gum. But, like some furniture guardian descended from upon high, I was determined to be the one to save it. Never mind my complete lack of experience, tools, and at that time, even a yard…

Hard lessons were learned. The little table ended up as a stack of wood in my garbage can and you certainly would not have recognized it as anything.

After writing that one off as a failure, I still wanted a sewing table as a corner accent piece because I love their height! A perfect one eventually came up on Craigslist which I was able to purchase. I do not remember the cost, but it was very reasonable. The best part was that this one was in excellent condition.

No screwing around this time! I did not care if it had the sewing machine or not, as I was not buying it for that reason and at the time I had no interesting in sewing. But this one did and now I am so glad! I intend to have it serviced soon and learn with it.

It was produced in the 1960’s and is a Sears Kenmore Model 33 Zig-Zag sewing machine. Isn’t she gorgeous?! Looking a bit dingy here still, but wait until I clean her up.

To my friends and family, buying a sewing table and machine without an interest in sewing was quite scandalous. Even more controversial than not sewing with a sewing machine though is the painting of something that is vintage.

I know, I know – and I mostly agree too. With the trend of chalk paint and distressing within the past few years there have been countless antiques absolutely ruined. But, let’s be real: this was a functional housing cabinet for the machine, no bells and whistles, so I decided to go for it.

I selected a paint color to compliment my space – a soft, pinky peach – and decided to replace the knobs with something more interesting. I chose these floral ones, which did have some gold detailing originally, but it was very slight, so I amped it up a bit by adding more gold paint.

I painted an extra just in case…

This was my first time furniture painting and I was incredibly nervous. Again, more lessons were learned, but I think it turned out pretty great, especially for a first-time job!

I adore it! It suits me perfectly and I cannot wait to try some beginner projects on the sewing machine.

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