Thrift Tales #5: The One Wherein I Have No Luck

Greetings! It has been a while since my last Thrift Tales post. I did not post in December because I only had time for a bit of shopping in the hustle of the holidays and I did not bring anything home with me. In January I have done more shopping, but still nothing! As I have mentioned, I have mostly only visited consignment shops, flea markets, antique malls, and the like since the pandemic began, so I am missing the cheap prices you find at yard sales and charity shops. Just because I haven’t purchased anything though doesn’t mean I haven’t found lots of neat stuff!

This adorable milk glass oil lamp is one of the things I almost brought home with me. I loved the colors and details of the painted bugs. I just always think, “Ugh, do I need another thing like this to sit on a shelf and have to dust the rest of my life?” I do still think about going back for it though.

The only other thing I considered very strongly was this glass Atlas jar with four-leaf clover design and “Good Luck” inscription. This is apparently a more rare version of antique Atlas jar, but I have tons of vintage mason jars, so I just couldn’t justify the $15 price tag on this one without having a definite purpose planned for it. I would love to find another one (for a cheaper price) some day!

This sassy little chest of drawers keeps me up at night. I remember texting a picture of it to my husband months ago. The place still has it, but it is expensive and I have no more room in my house for furniture really. I adore chests that are shaped like this though – wide with a curvy middle – and with those beautiful details… sigh. I’m sure I’ll keep asking myself where I could fit it until it is gone.

Lastly, check out this giant hardware cabinet for small parts! It was probably about four feet tall. I couldn’t help but think how great it would be for a serious fuse beader – like a ginormous version of my own bead cabinet.

As always, I will leave you with a gallery of my favorites finds. Here’s hoping my luck changes soon. Maybe if I had bought that four-leaf clover jar, hmmm….

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